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Partition Can Also Be Active! Portable And Flexible Movable Partition Wall
Aug 05, 2020

Movable partition is also called movable partition wall, partition, movable display board, movable screen, movable partition, movable partition wall, mobile screen, mobile sound insulation wall, movable wall and sliding door. It has the characteristics of easy installation, reuse, industrialization, fire prevention and environmental protection. It is a kind of movable wall which can divide large space into small space or connect small space into large space at any time according to the needs. It can play the role of multi-purpose of one hall and one room.


Its partition function can save space more reasonably and effectively. For example: the movable partition wall can be folded to one side when necessary, so that the two spaces can be temporarily joined to make it appear larger, which is convenient for temporary department meetings; the movable partition wall can be removed, taken away and reorganized.

The movable partition wall has the characteristics of high sound insulation, fireproof, movable and simple operation. The movable partition wall is suitable for the use of space separation in the banquet hall of star hotels, high-grade restaurants, private rooms, senior office buildings, conference rooms, exhibition halls, hospitals, government offices and other places.

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