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Which Places Are Suitable For Installing Mobile Partition? Let's Take A Look At Its Applicable Scenarios!
Aug 06, 2020

In recent years, mobile partition appears more and more frequently in our life. Different types of mobile partition add a lot of convenience to our life. In many places, we can see the figure of mobile partition. Here we will introduce some places where mobile partition is most commonly used.

First of all, the mobile partition is suitable for star hotels. Generally, five-star hotels will install mobile partitions in banquet halls and conference rooms. The movable partition of hotel banquet hall makes people believe that life is not immutable, and the effect is quite different from another angle or method. At the same time, it also tells us that nothing is impossible. Even the meeting place can be set freely, and it is important to find the right method.

The second is the exhibition hall, which divides a large area of exhibition halls into small pavilions, and the number and size of small pavilions can be adjusted at any time according to the needs. This is the credit of the moving partition of the exhibition hall. With the movable partition of the exhibition hall, the space of the exhibition hall is no longer fixed, and can be freely combined according to the actual situation. The guide rail direction of the movable partition of the exhibition hall can be designed arbitrarily according to the needs, because the guide rail is above the ceiling, which will not have any impact on the site. The materials of the movable partition of the exhibition hall are made of environmental protection materials, such as the frame adopts the national standard aluminum alloy profile, and the panel adopts the environmental protection decorative panel.


There is also the banquet hall. The movable partition of the banquet hall brings great convenience to people's work. For example, the movable screen can be folded to one side when you need it, so that the two spaces can be temporarily joined to make it appear larger, which is convenient for temporary department meetings. The general company workshop may be rented, and it is unavoidable to replace it due to various reasons. On the contrary, the movable partition can be used Demolition, can be taken away, can be reorganized, so the mobile partition has a reputation of decoration that can be taken away.

Finally, the soft bag moving partition not only has the characteristics of ordinary moving partition, but also has better sound insulation performance. The soft bag movable partition has built-in sound-absorbing cotton to reduce the noise decibel. At the same time, the two sides of the movable partition screen board are installed with leather and glass fiber. The soft package material is made of leather and glass fiber, and it has certain sound absorption performance. For a wall, it is equal to To the effect of triple sound absorption, the sound insulation coefficient of the product is not the ordinary partition energy ratio.

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