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The Hotel's Movable Partition Wall Has The Ability To Freely Transform The Space Between Large And Small
Mar 02, 2020

The multifunctional way to create a banquet hall is a big exposure. The necessary condition is this hotel's movable partition wall! Why is this so? After all, this is because the hotel's movable partition wall has the ability to freely transform the space between large and small.



At the beginning of the new century, the new architectural movement has made the construction of business hotels climax. The design of large-scale banquet halls in business hotels gradually gets rid of the influence of the "big hotel" era, focusing on functions, using new materials, new structures, and paying attention to economic benefits have become increasingly characteristic of business hotel architectural design. Pay attention to the reasonable distribution of functions, break through the fixed pattern, and match the hotel's movable partition wall to make the interior space of the banquet hall flexible, practical and more useful.


In the design of today's banquet halls, a certain pattern has been formed. The layout is reasonable, and the design of modern, multifunctional spaces that emphasize comfort, convenience, and so on can be said to be standard. To achieve the multi-functional use effect, hotel movable partition walls are usually used. As a product that can change the size of the space at any time, it can make a large banquet hall into a small banquet hall or multiple independent small boxes for use, and when appropriate, can also connect the small spaces that are separated into one, Change back to a large ballroom. In this way, the space can not only be used to receive large-scale banquets, but even small banquet halls and family-style dining can be easily controlled. For the realization of multifunctional use, the hotel's movable partition wall is indispensable. The best way to create a multifunctional ballroom is to use a hotel movable partition wall to separate it. If you also expect to have the right to use this product, then please call us. The customized service hotline of EgoodHotel Movable Partition Wall Company is 4000-999-113.

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