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The Operator Must See, This Hotel Partition Wall Is Simply An Artifact!
Mar 03, 2020

The multifunctional ballroom has good news again! The operator must see, this hotel partition wall is simply an artifact! By stacking or unfolding it, the space can be freely changed in size, and the comprehensive stage capacity of the large banquet hall is further strengthened. Facing such a magical wall of hotel movable partition, it is very worthwhile for you to have!



Business hotels in the hotel industry have their distinctive business characteristics. From service objects, business positioning, management methods, equipment and facilities settings, functional space layout, etc., business culture always runs through the entire hotel. For example, the large-scale banquet hall interior space of contemporary business hotels is highly functional and highly effective. Why is this so? In the final analysis, this is because the use of the hotel's event partition wall has further enhanced the reception capacity of the dining space. In addition to providing the necessary large-scale banquets in the same way as other large-scale banquet halls, banquet halls in business hotels can also easily control their catering of different sizes, with distinctive personality and strong comprehensive performance. Through the use of the hotel's movable partition wall to make the functional space layout reasonable, the large-scale banquet hall is given the concept of multi-functionality to meet consumers' multiple needs for dining space. As a product that can change the size of the space at any time, the hotel's movable partition wall can divide the hall into small banquet halls or multiple independent small boxes for use. When appropriate, it can also connect the separated small spaces into one. Change back to the lobby. In this way, the large-scale banquet hall has been most vividly displayed in terms of comprehensive functions.


This hotel's movable partition wall is indeed an artifact for the multifunctional construction of the banquet hall. If you also want to get this kind of artifact to help, then please call us. Egood Hotel's customized service hotline is 4000-999-113. Since its establishment, Egood partition has always adhered to the belief that quality is the brand. Incorporate the meticulous and perfect craftsmanship spirit into each link of production, make the products to the extreme, treat every customer with heart, and provide one-stop partitioning solutions for customers worldwide.

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