Multifunction Room Accordion Partition Wall

Multifunction Room Accordion Partition Wall

Product name:Multi-Function Hall Accordion Partition Wall with Single Roller
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Model Number:65#,80#,100
Partition thickness65mm,80mm,100m
Framework material:Aluminium alloy
Place of using:Multi-Function Hall
Style:Modern or classical

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The Egood Partition movable partition wall has the following characteristics:

1. No rail suspension: the floor has no track, just install the track above the ceiling;

2. Stable and safe: stable and reliable after partitioning, not easy to swing;

3. Efficient fire prevention: It is made of high-efficiency fireproof material and has good fireproof performance;

4. Retractable and flexible: the partition is freely retractable and flexible, and only one person can complete the whole process of partitioning;

5. Wide range of applications: products used in hotels, restaurants, conference halls, exhibition halls, and offices.


We Offer:

A full professional partition wall design service.

Survey and installation surpervise.

Using top quality materials and components for the partition wall.

A fully experienced partition wall work team.

Maintenance contracts to ensure your valuable asset remains in full work order.

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