Multifunction Room Operable Partition Wall

Multifunction Room Operable Partition Wall

Product name:Multi-Function Hall Operable Partition Wall Inline Stacking
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Model Number:65#,80#,100
Partition thickness65mm,80mm,100m
Framework material:Aluminium alloy
Place of using:Multi-Function Hall
Style:Modern or classical

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Egood's double,corrosion-resistant aluminum track systems are easy to install and easier to intact.Extruding enables each section to have a uniform shape for superior end-to-end alignment. Each capacity-certified track is of extruded architectural grade clear anodized 6063-T6 aluminum.



Adopting continuous shaking top and bottom support system, the telescopic range is large, the top support force reaches 180KG,and the sealing performance is very good. There is a good adjustment height error function for the case where the ground level of the project is not level. the telescopic tail plate adopts the linkage mechanism, once in place, the maximum telescopic range is up to


To seal the corner,Egood gets its own design about specially developed conically shaped corner pieces that fit closely together,with high density,strong collision,is not easily deformed even at temperature - 100℃. Compared with other same industry manufacturers,Egood has great superiority in both sealing and noise insulation factor for its products.


The panel is made of 15mm thickness basic board, and the connection is made of butt joints to make the sound insulation better.
There are sound-insulating sealing strips on on both sides of the panel. PVC integrated molding strips are used to make the sealing of the door panels better and no noise.

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